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The time has come for us to civilize ourselves by the total, direct and immediate abolition of poverty.

— Martin Luther King Jr. (1968)





The time has come for us to civilize ourselves by the total, direct and immediate abolition of poverty.

— Martin Luther King Jr. (1968)

Imagine a world where all human lives are valued equally.


Our civilization is on the cusp of a major shift in consciousness. It's time to shift away from a system where housing, healthcare and education are designed for and driven by profit.

It is time to question ideas like providing basic financial security, focusing on community over profit and growth, ending cycles of poverty, creating true freedom to do what we love in life and moving away from antiquated measurements of success like ownership, GDP to evolve our social contract.

Each of the below projects offer a unique approach to creating positive social transformation around these issues. With a focus on story telling, community engagement and effective altruism, we're hopeful real positive change is in progress.



Creating action to make a world where every human is treated equally. Our focus is to create social justice through social impact, storytelling and services that are tied to direct actions with the intention of driving community to create positive lasting change on issues surrounding poverty and inequality in the US.

Our mission is to:

1. Create systemic change; ending the cycle of poverty and authoring policy and legislation that works to to prevent poverty, homeless and inequality in the first place, and

2. provide education, art and engagement to build community and shift social consciousness towards compassion and respect in an effort to bridge the socioeconomic divide and develop a better social contract.


Systemic Change

Systemic Change

Creating Systemic Change:      

We believe that our world is out of balance; our current trajectory certainly is not equitable, but more importantly it's not sustainable. We believe that great storytelling, filmmaking, community engagement, and piloting new ideas play a critical role in reshaping our society. The Economic Justice Project is the pursuit of ideas that encourage solidarity, civic engagement and education to shift society in a positive direction.

In America, wealth inequality continues to grow. The lack of improvement tells us that current economic systems are designed to perpetuate this imbalance. Over the course of five years we worked with over a dozen non profits around the Bay Area to create films about homelessness. We began to see some patterns emerging and wanted to explore the issues around economic security, lack of work freedom, racial injustice, degrading community, housing issues and various cycles of poverty. We launched the Economic Justice Project to share a few insights and showcase a variety of projects that all stemmed from this issue of homelessness.

Below are a few of the projects that range from radical listening, to community centered design, to ethnographic photo journalism,  to feature documentary, that are efforts to create solutions that treat existing human rights issues and present long term systems change to shape a better human civilization.

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Reimagining Our Economic System

I. The BIG Experience

The BIG Experience is a 90-minute embodied learning journey exploring basic income. The BIG Experience combines storytelling, meditation, documentary film and conversation to imagine new ways of updating our economy for the 21st century.

It's a tool to empower activists, change agents and students throughout Canada and the US to create the change they want to see.

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

II. Reboot the Village

A modern day story that confronts poverty and segregation in San Francisco. What happens when a child has been exposed to trauma? Starting with this question our documentary will unveil the transformative journey as residents from Potrero Hill public housing work to build a better future for their children, their families and their community.

While their neighborhood is undergoing a long and stressful rebuild, they are supported by community leaders who model new behavior and provide the tools and services to help families cope with adversity and build resilience. This is the story of a well informed and strategic attempt to end three generations of poverty; an initiative to confront racism and heal by working together to co-create an empowered, compassionate and supportive community.

Spurring the Basic Income Movement

III. Be As You Are: Basic Income Documentary

The long term solution to the cycle of poverty is to prevent people from entering poverty in the first place. The notion of Basic Income offers a radical solution to systemic issues of economic injustice, and has been supported by the left and the right. 

 The movement has the great potential to restore economic equality and bring about positive societal transformation through equal access to the basic resources all humans need to survive and deserve.

In exploring various examples of Basic Income in action, we have pinpointed its greatest impact on real people, and the subsequent ripples of effect in these communities. Our feature length documentary intends to be a story that educates, inspires, and moves people to action. This is a film with the audacious goal of orchestrating the launch of a Universal Basic Income for a city here in the US.


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Stories To Create Policy That Doesn't Perpetuate The Cycle Of Poverty

IV. Financial Justice Project 

San Francisco is the first city in the nation to launch a Financial Justice Project to assess and reform how fees and fines impact our cities’ most vulnerable residents.

Too often government programs and courts levy fines and fees on people, partly to generate revenue to balance public budgets. There is often an insidious unintended impact of this practice---to push people into poverty. These fines and fees can knock people down so hard they can’t get back up.  Poor people and people of color are usually hit the hardest. These financial penalties can make government a driver of inequality, not an equalizer.

We are developing a documentary series to tell stories of current policies that perpetuate the cycle of poverty. The hope is to create awareness and exposure around these issues with the intention of spurring policy level change. We focus our efforts on:

  • Bail Bonds

  • Tickets, Fees and Fines

  • Child Support


Community Engagement For Affordable Housing

V. Society's Soul: Documentary Series

“Society's Soul” is a new form of social justice storytelling and community planning. The ultimate goal of this project is to create more just and equal cities. The hope is to innovate the process of urban planning by combining it with the art of documentary filmmaking. This project expresses our deep belief that the path for designing stronger communities is to:

1. Tell stories that clearly articulate community issues through the art of film, and

2. Cultivate an environment and process that engages the community and gives residents an equal seat at table.

This project seeks to employ the art of documentary filmmaking to help residents in SoMa articulate and amplify existing issues, and create equitable change through a process that encourages and excites the neighborhood to participate in improving their community. The focus of this project will be the 20% of the student body at Bessie Carmichael who is currently homeless.

A Story of Worker Rights

VI. Wages of Work: Documentary

The Wages of Work’s mission is to challenge accepted legal constructs and customary norms in the workplace that restrict worker rights and perpetuate economic inequality. Specifically, this project will examine the implications of the restriction of rights – those of speech, privacy, assembly and due process – by employers.

We intend to shine light on a rarely examined lack of civil rights protections for working Americans. By illustrating the consequences of these breaches on individuals and the economy, and by outlining specific legislative reforms, we intend to promote the further development of American equality, economic and otherwise.


Radical Listening Community Building

VII. Under The Bridge: Radical Listening Event

This is a radical listening event developed to spur a shift in consciousness around the issue of homelessness. This community gathering is an opportunity to connect unhoused (homeless) residents currently living under the 101/Cesar Chavez bridge in San Francisco together with local housed residents. The event will include a three course sit down brunch, live music, and meaningful conversation with a focus on cultivating relationships between two distinctly different groups. We hope to provide space for conversation that shows each group they have more in common then they may have thought. 

Our intention is to bring two disconnected communities together with a listening exercise in an effort to address their immediate needs. We will facilitate conversations that connect impoverished residents with their surrounding neighbors. Ultimately we hope this can be a model for creating dignity, compassion and understanding amongst marginalized members of the community.

Homlessness Education, Awareness & Compassion

VIII. Navigation Center: Photo & VR Ethnography

Homelessness is for the most part not very well understood and this is the biggest barrier for helping people in need. Most people have ended up on the streets or remained there for reasons that are beyond their control. We believe they should be treated as equals regardless of their current situation, and we hope to raise awareness and most importantly compassion and empathy for members of our community who need our support!

Through photo documentary storytelling we captured genuine stories directly from those in need. In most cases people don’t understand the circumstances or backstory behind why people become or stay homeless. Our hope is to provide insights that 1. offer ideas that enable a deeper look at what is needed to more effectively get people off the streets, 2. increase the quality of treatment for people currently living on the streets. This project seeks to demystify homelessness.



Rapid Deployment Village

IX. Saint Francis Village: Prototype transitional housing

Homeless people need homes! The waitlist for shelter in SF has grown to 1,100. This alternative approach is based on the insight that the existing system is a massive failure and over 7,500 people are suffering right now on the streets every night in SF alone! We're calling this solution Saint Francis Village. The idea is to make use of under utilized land and a village model to provide an immediate safe place to sleep that is coupled with supportive services.

We are developing and piloting sleep and service villages on underutilized land for unhoused residents currently sleeping on the streets of San Francisco. We will provide a minimum of secure sleep using tiny home structures, 24/7 access to bathrooms using port-a-potties, storage, trash disposal, site coordination, and partnered connection to case management that aids in the transition to permanent housing. The infrastructure will be developing using tiny homes that can be easily relocated to deploy state of the art villages on unoccupied land in the city. It provides a superior solution to the existing street encampments that addresses the needs and dignity of unhoused residents as well as concerns expressed by local businesses and community members.

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Making A Better World

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It's all about the impact

Our work is rooted in radical listening and takes audiences on a journey to create empathy, build awareness, develop solidarity and experience great stories.

Each of these stories in accompanied by a strategy to create systemic change. The true work begins when the films end and we believe providing clear courses of action is critical. Through our work we hope to:

Create legislative change with an emphasis on economic equality

Tear down the existing class divide

Develop new economic policies

Support innovative pilot projects to experiment with alternative constructs


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